Lynn Schneider Books
Sam and Patti: She had her motivations for marrying, and they were less
than honorable. He was caught up in the expectations of the sixties, that
when a man reaches a certain age, he marries and has a family. Sometimes
the time is right, but the decision is not.   

Joe and Angie: High school sweethearts, together forever and always.  
Their's was a romance that is enviable, the shared youth experience, that
will always be their bond.  
Second Stories
Geo and Lydia: Caught up in their own insecurities,
they lost their way as a couple years ago and after
decades of a strained marriage, have gone in
different directions. When a life-altering event
causes her to reevaluate her marriage, a secret is
revealed, which has the potential to bring their
marriage to a tragic conclusion.

Nick and Bonnie: Drifted into a marriage for less
than the right reasons. He believes things will
always stay the same, and is shocked to learn that
for her, those same things are the reason she will
seek a different life, a life without him.  
At one point during the writing of this book, I decided I needed an editor. I
learned quite a bit from him, even though the book he edited is not the
book that I eventually published. But one thing he did tell me was, three of
chapters did not advance the story. I kind of had a feeling he'd say that,  
but I did like those chapters. I kept them, and thought I'd publish them on
my website, in case any of my readers were interested.  

The stories are about Alice, who is the mother of Geo, one of the main
characters. I don't want to give anything away, but I guess I'll have to do
that. Alice becomes a widow and the story of her transition, of how she
copes with it, is the subject of the three chapters. Some women give up,
and their widowhood defines them. Some go in a different direction, and
don't stop living.

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